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Teeth Whitening is One of The Quickest and Easiest Ways to Look Younger

Teeth start white, but through the years, they develop stains and discolorations. In addition to looking unattractive, these stains can also make you look much older. At CaliDental in Lompoc, CA, we offer professional take-home whitening kits. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, our kits include custom fabricated mouth trays and professional-grade whitening solution. This system can clean stains and whiten teeth in just a few weeks! 

What causes stains?

Several factors out of your control can cause your teeth to become yellow and stained. Genetics determines what color your teeth are when you are young and how your teeth change color as you age. Also, certain medications and diseases can impact the color of your teeth.

Several personal habits also affect the appearance of your teeth. Stains and discoloration can result from:

Luckily, teeth whitening is an easy, quick, and safe procedure that cleans and brightens the appearance of your teeth, making you look younger and more attractive. 

How does teeth whitening work?

The teeth whitening process starts with your dentist making molds of your teeth to create customized trays that fit your teeth perfectly. These trays will hold the gel-like peroxide whitening solution that you will be using on your teeth.

At your second appointment, your dentist checks the fit of the trays on your teeth and makes any necessary adjustments. The dentist then shows you how to use the trays and the special whitening solution correctly. You take these items home with you to complete the treatment. 

You wear the trays filled with the whitening solution either twice a day or overnight for several weeks. You will need to repeat the procedure periodically to keep your teeth looking great. 

Will teeth whitening work for me?

Teeth whitening can transform your yellowed, stained teeth, making them much cleaner and more attractive. It will take years off your appearance as well. The peroxide gel-based whitening system is quick and straightforward and will work for most people.

The gel is formulated to work on natural teeth enamel only, so if you have fillings and crowns, you may want to have those restored to match your whitened teeth. 

Are you tired of having yellowed, stained teeth that show your age? Teeth whitening is a simple, safe procedure that can be done in the comfort of your home. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with CaliDental today.

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