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Which is Best — An Implant or Bridge?

Which is Best — An Implant or Bridge?

Nothing can rob you of your self-confidence like a gap in your smile. After losing a tooth, you should replace it as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you have options if you’re looking for a long-lasting, natural-feeling solution. You can get the full, beautiful smile you deserve with a dental implant or a bridge.  

But which option is right for your mouth? That depends on factors unique to you, like your jaw health and cosmetic goals. Fortunately, our team of cosmetic dentistry experts can help you determine if a bridge or a dental implant is best for you. At our CaliDental across the central coast of California and in Bakersfield, we work with you to achieve your ideal smile. 

So, which option might be best for you? We can look at some determining factors to help you decide.

Functionality and appearance

You can’t re-grow your missing tooth. But a dental implant is your best choice if you want a replacement tooth that looks, feels, and functions almost exactly like a real tooth. Our team creates your implant to mimic the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth from root to crown. 

To clarify, dental implants consist of:

Once your dental implant heals, it should be indiscernible from your other teeth and last your lifetime. 

You should know, though, that getting a dental implant is a process that takes several months. The metal post that roots the replacement tooth needs time to fuse to your jawbone. 

Surgery-free replacement teeth

Implants certainly have advantages, but they do require oral surgery. Consider a dental bridge if you’d prefer to avoid surgery and the associated healing process. This option gives you fast and easy tooth replacement.

With a dental bridge, you get a replacement tooth or teeth anchored into your mouth by a crown on either side. 

To secure your bridge, we prepare the abutment teeth (the teeth on each side of the gap in your smile) for crowns. We can fill in your smile by affixing the replacement tooth or teeth to these crowns. 

As with a dental implant, the lab custom shapes and colors the crowns and false teeth to match your natural teeth. That way, nobody can tell you were once missing teeth. 

Cost considerations

At first, dental implants cost more than bridges. The more teeth you need to replace, the more that difference can grow.

Over the long term, though, dental implants might cost you less. Implants should last your lifetime while bridges can last 15 years or more. If you have budgetary concerns, talk to us about which system is most cost-effective for you now and over time. 

Long story short, you don’t have to live with that gap in your smile. To figure out which option is best for you, schedule an appointment with our team. Call the CaliDental office nearest you to get started.

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