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Why Do Teeth Get Yellow As We Age?

Why Do Teeth Get Yellow As We Age?

As you celebrate more birthdays, you might notice increasing changes to the appearance of your teeth, like yellowing. That’s right; your teeth contribute to the overall visual of aging.

So why do teeth look more yellow as you get older? Does it have to do with stains? In part, however, an underlying set of natural changes is also occurring.

At CaliDental, our team of cosmetic and general dentists knows how much of an anti-aging boost professional teeth whitening treatments can give you! We can help you understand why your teeth look yellow and recommend a state-of-the-art teeth whitening plan to brighten your smile by multiple shades, giving you a more youthful, refreshed facial appearance.

The CaliDental team treats new and existing patients in Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, and Lompoc, California.

Teeth yellowing, dental enamel, and dentin

Your adult teeth come in with a healthy outer coating of dental enamel. Dental enamel is pale and whitish, looking similar to porcelain.

Your dental enamel can become stained by foods and beverages like blueberries, coffee, and red wine. Smoking tobacco can also leave stains on your dental enamel.

Dental enamel also wears away over time. Factors like over-brushing your teeth can accelerate this process, with too much pressure or acidic foods and beverages taking a toll on your dental enamel.

Underneath your dental enamel, your teeth are shaped out of dentin. Dentin has a natural yellowish color. If your dental enamel wears away sufficiently, the yellow color of dentin becomes visible.

You might not like how your teeth look if you can see visible stains, areas of discoloration, and overall yellowing. Talk to your provider at CaliDental about your concerns, and learn if you could be a good candidate for teeth whitening treatment. Even if you’re not, your provider can help you find ways to feel better about the appearance of your teeth in the future.

Teeth whitening treatments for anti-aging results

Just brushing your teeth won’t address stains and discoloration. And, if your issue is related to thinning dental enamel, brushing isn’t a good way to improve your smile’s whiteness. While you can purchase tooth whitening toothpastes and other products over-the-counter at grocery and drug stores, consult with the CaliDental team about your options for professional-grade results.

We offer professional-strength teeth whitening treatments that you can take home with you for comfortable and flexible use. Cosmetic teeth whitening treatments bleach your dental enamel, giving you a brighter smile regardless of age.

Our specially formulated teeth whitening solution and customized dental trays let you whiten the shade of your teeth by multiple shades. You wear your trays twice a day for half an hour or keep them on overnight for up to two weeks.

Your treatment requires two in-office appointments to complete. You can also get repeated maintenance treatments every few years to keep your results looking great!

To learn more about how to turn back the clock on the color of your smile, contact CaliDental today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone, or request an appointment online.

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