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Meet Beshoy Karas, DDS

My passion for dentistry has always been inspired by the privilege of caring for others. I am invigorated by the subtle rewards I receive from my patients: a smile, a look of appreciation, a sigh of relief… this is what I really enjoy. I look forward to growing in knowledge and skill, and I am prepared to tackle challenges in order to meet my goals. I will continue to strive toward that goal with total dedication, and to accept and learn from the challenges I will face.

My interest in dentistry began when I was ten years old following a car accident that left me with a lip laceration and knocked-out tooth. While that experience was traumatic, the hero dentist of that day became etched in my memory. Seeing the skill and talent with which he cared for me made me eager to learn more about dentistry and its diverse world. He was a healer, an artist, and a compassionate individual, and I strive to be the same.

After completing dental school in my native country at Dental Cairo University, Egypt, I practiced general dentistry there in a hospital, a clinic, and in a private practice setting. I treated patients in different age groups, from all walks of life, and with varying dental issues. I was fortunate to treat challenging cases in a broad range of specialties, including implant surgery, prosthodontics, periodontal surgery, and oral surgery. My experiences there provided a solid foundation, and after seven years of diverse practicing, I decided it was time to expand my knowledge and experience, and so I sought to continue them in the United States.

I have kept up with my continuing education through courses at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. The courses and workshops have been incredibly helpful in learning and building upon my skills. I am also fascinated by the leaps and bounds made in technological advancements, and how they enhance both the practice of dentistry and the patient experience. I am transposing my past experiences into new and more advanced ones.

When I’m not at work, I love staying active and going to the gym, as well as watching soccer games and playing video games with my friends.

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